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CHR - 160

January 14th - February 8th

Inviting Worship Leaders to grow in their

God created us with unique passions and abilities.
The Worship Training Seminar creates a space for those who are called to worship-leading and music ministries to come together and serve Christ and the Church in unity, using their gifts and talents. 

Do you want to develop your worship team and take them farther in their abilities or in unity? Do you want to build on your foundation of music knowledge? Do you want to take worship to new places or help serve the church culture you are a part of? Then consider this seminar a perfect training grounds.

When you come, you will receive practical training in musicianship and a deeper understanding of biblical worship, as well as inspiring lectures that will focus & grow your hunger for the nations, so that you can effectively share your faith wherever God calls you, lead God's people in His presence, and equip others to do the same.

Worship Training Seminar — 4 Weeks

The Worship Training Seminar is a 4-week course designed to give you core training and teachings modeled after the YWAM SOW (School of Worship). Though it is a condensed model, it will be intensive, consisting of lectures, workshops, assignments and outreach opportunities built into the program. Upon completion of the school you will also receive 4 FLW credits with the University of the Nations.

Students will have the opportunity to hear from seasoned missionaries and international Christian leaders who are being used by God in the nations in the realms of worship and music. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom in contexts that will help them preserve what they've been taught and follow the Holy Spirit more freely.

Come join us as we walk together to pursue the Lord and believe for transformation in the nations of the earth!

Passionate Worshipers. Skilled Leaders.

Continue your worship journey,
explore Richmond.

of  students who take a gap year improve their academics compared to students who didn’t partake in a gap year.*

Bring confident worship
wherever God calls you.

Invest in a season of focus and growth.

"Doing life with this community showed me the love and acceptance of Jesus in a way I had never encountered before."  

- Ciara Darkangelo

Real students. Real learning.

This program includes the biblical foundation, philosophies and blessings that are associated with the development and on-going practice of excellence and professionalism in worship-leading for the Church and for the nations.

Making Jesus Famous through Music


  • The Psalms
  • Songwriting
  • Musicianship
  • Biblical Basis of Worship
  • Practical Worship Leading
  • Worship, Missions & Evangelism
  • Worship & Church Culture


  • Music Theory
  • Band Dynamics
  • Skill Development
  • Ear/Voice Training
  • Chart Analysis
  • Worship & Evangelism
  • SongCafe (Performance)


  • Book Review
  • Psalm Studies
  • Original Song(s)

Join other Christians who are passionate about worshiping God and seeing the nations come to Him.

Here's what we're offering in the 4 learning weeks -

Seminar Tuition is $1,175

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