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Have you ever witnessed someone give their life to the Lord?

In the video below, Pedro quotes Luke 15:10: 

1In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Growing up, God placed people in my life to witness to over long periods of time, yet for a long time, I never personally saw anyone come to know the Lord.  I did not know what that experience would feel like.  I finally got a chance to witness it for the first time on my DTS outreach.

I was on a team of four people walking the streets of Detroit praying. I remember we had to literally pray the people onto the streets just so we had someone to talk to! We were walking down one road praying when we saw three guys standing on the doorstep of a house. Our group leader suggested we cross the street to talk to them, and we all agreed. I don’t remember how we started the conversation, though we would typically ask if we could pray for them as a way to get things going.

One guy left, but the other two stayed and talked to us. They were so interested that one of our girls ended up sharing the whole gospel with them. One of the guys shared that God had already been trying to get his attention through a couple different circumstances; he had just gotten out of juvenile detention, and was really trying to get his life back of track.

As they were speaking, it was as if God began to pour out this incredible amount of love into my heart for these guys.  This was so far beyond compassion or my own self, that I knew without a doubt that God was showing me His love of them.

I waited for the right moment to share the love I was sensing. They came down off the doorstep and we prayed together for them. My group was about to leave but I knew that I could not leave without sharing the love God was pouring into me.  “God loves you so much,” I said simply, and then acknowledged that it sounded like they were actually receiving all of this, and you wanted this love.

“Is that a decision you would like to make right now?”

They agreed, and we went on to explain that it was a life commitment to follow God through anything He took them through.  “It may not always be easy, but it is an amazing adventure!”

Right then and there on the sidewalk — apparently one of the worst streets in the neighborhood — they gave their lives to the Lord! 

I only remember one other day in my life that was as exciting. I quite literally was catching a piece of what it was like in Heaven that day, when all those angles rejoiced. I did not know or expect that it would be so wonderful. Imagine being in heaven experiencing the real deal! Dance party in heaven! Sign me up for that job! 

This was one moment on a on a street we didn’t know with guys we had never met, and I know there are so many moments like it.  I would love to hear your stories of when you got to share God’s love with people or even witness someone give their life to the Lord!  Please share them in the comments below.

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