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Has God ever placed a country in your heart? Or have you ever gone to another country and fallen in love with its people?

Well, for Lexie this was Brazil!

In an interview Lexie she told me a story from when she helped lead an outreach to Brazil. Her team served with a base in Contagem and for one day journeyed to a carnival in a nearby city. Since it took place at night, they would meet at a church there between 10pm and 12am.  Crowds of people would come to party with parades that were not family-friendly; many people would appear not in their right minds.

Lexie noticed a definite shift in the atmosphere when they would arrive; it was so heavy. They decided to break up into three teams: the first team would worship and pray in the lower floor of the church, the second would go out to the streets and bring people in to pray for them and talk to them, and the third would be outside for evangelism and handing out encouraging “sunshine notes”. The team would rotate in shifts; Lexie said her favorite was to go evangelize.  They even had times of worshiping on the streets where they’d dance and invite people to join them in real fun.

As she reflected on this opportunity, she commented that it was amazing to see how many people were willing to talk to them in spite of being drunk, high or identity-confused. They did this four nights in a row until about 2am; as they’d leave, they would pray for God would stop the harmful elements of the parades. They would reflect on the story of one parade, where a prominent guy dressed as Satan, and God stent a flood to stop it.  Whether God brought life through the team, or protection by stopping the parades, they believe God was reaching out to the people

She never knew how many people were saved in those nights. However, she knew that all that time and all the sleep lost was worth it, especially when she saw how many people were inside the church talking to their team and receiving prayer.  Ever since then, Brazil has remained on Lexie’s heart.

Isn’t it cool how God places countries in people’s heart?  When you are actually there it makes it so much more real. Lexie said that her love for Brazil grew so much more and she plans to return.

In addition to God placing countries on your heart, there are also times we call “divine appointments.”

What is a divine appointment? Well, I am glad you asked. Let me tell you a story of my own.

A friend and I were at the mall exploring and she wanted to go in a shoe store to try on a particular pair of boots. We began talking to the lady working there; I honestly don’t remember what we were talking about but somehow we learned that this lady was from Nepal.

A few weeks went by and I forgot about the interaction. As we sat in a lecture for DTS, our teacher shared a testimony of how God had opened a door to have his book written and published in a different language. He passed out his English copies to us, then told us that God had told him to bring one of the copies in the other language for someone.

“Do any of you know anyone from Nepal, that speaks the language?” We looked around at each other; I locked eyes with my friend who had gone to the mall with me. “Was the lady from the mall from there?” she asked. We went back and forth trying to remember, finally agreeing that she was. When no one else answered she raised her hand and told our story, and the teacher handed her the book. We knew we now had a responsibility to go back and talk to the shoe store employee again. 

One day, we had our chance. We made our way to the second floor of the mall where the shoe store was located. We were so nervous that we stopped outside and tried to plan what we were going to say; I was relieved my friend planned to do the talking. Until… She looked at me and asked if I could do it. I had been giving her good ideas to make it look easy and calm her nerves, and didn’t expect to have to use my own advice! Haha. Oh well.

We walk in, and I explain who we were by telling her how we had been there a few weeks prior.  I told her how we had gotten this book. and how she was the only person our class could think of from Nepal. I asked her if it was in her language; she nodded. I gave her the book and told her that she could have it if she wanted it. The lady looked it over. “Is it a gift?” she asked.  Quickly, my friend jumped in: “yes, it is a gift.” My friend explained after that in some cultures if someone receives a gift, they have to take it because it is considered rude if they don’t.

This is one of my favorite moments of reaching out to people because I know that if God went to all that trouble to arrange those random moments, that He must really want her to know Him. I am so glad we listened and got to be a part of planting this seed.

Whether it is in a shoe store or another country, God can move in our hearts for the sake of another, if we will simple trust His invitations.

So, as you go about day remember whose you are, and that God can use you in any kinds of moment… even when you are not looking for it!

In fact, I want to invite you into one now:

Over the last several weeks I have invited you to share your own stories.  While I do appreciate your encouragements, I would really like to hear your experiences and learn from you as well!  It does not have to be long, nor do you have to be intimidated; like me in the shoe store, just take a step and share!

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  1. I love how ya’ll include the importance of our relationship with the Holy Spirit in your evangelism and service outreaches. May the Lord cause ya’ll to finish well.

  2. Great to hear more stories from outreach! It encourages me to share my faith where I may find myself. This week at the Potter’s Pantry I have been able to have deeper personal conversations with people and pray for God to work in their lives. Everyone needs God and our faith and testimony is all that’s needed to bring others to Him.

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