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YWAM Celebrates the Life of Loren Cunningham

The Lord finally called Loren Cunningham home after a life full of pioneering global missions in every nation on the world.   You can watch the full Celebration of Life livestream from Kona Hawaii at lorencunningham.com.


Here in YWAM Virginia we have many staff who have interacted with Loren and Dar through the years.  Paul Granger interviews Dale Mast who worked alongside Loren for many years.

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  1. I really honor Loren and his courage to say YES to the Lord. My life and my family’s life are transformed by his obedience and servant leadership life style. We will carry on the torch of Legacy you gave us. Don’t not despite the small beginnings…

  2. Loren was so inspiring in his heart for missions and people and the way he listened to God’s voice, but most inspiring was humility and the way he immediately gave God the glory for everything.
    I am grateful for Loren’s example and legacy and how God has touched us through him.

  3. I’ve never met him, but I’m so thankful that he followed his vision from God and created his vision, YWAM. Thank you Loren for answering your calling, allowing us, the YWAMERS, to also follow our callings. If it wasn’t for YWAM, I wouldn’t feel this close to God and knowing that getting out of your comfort zone is good and not as scary as you might think when He’s right by your side.

  4. It’s an honor to have met Loren and listened to his teachings. What he established by obeying God’s call is extraordinary and changed the view on missions forever. We will be forever thankful for your obedience to the Lord, Papa Lauren.

  5. This really blessed me. Hearing the the first-hand testimony about someone who operated in obedience in such a manner is inspirational. When I move on from this mortal coil, I want a legacy such as this… as a man that followed Christ wholeheartedly, in humility and in love.

  6. Loren’s obedience to God’s guidance and commission has changed so many lives including my family’s! I am so grateful that my parents said yes to doing a DTS and now I have been given the opportunity to follow in their steps of deepening my relationship with the Lord and working in missions! All because Loren said yes to the Lord’s calling!

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