This is YOUR ministry!

The blog below is inspired by this episode.

Did you know our production ministry is your ministry too?

While there are staff and volunteers doing key tasks — like Cody building out a Studio, Marco doing editing, Jesse creating graphics, or Nik setting up livestreams — this ministry would be nothing without you.

You are the ones that not only make it possible, but — through God — make it fruitful!

We want to celebrate you by naming the ways you make this ministry thrive and — hopefully — invite you to embrace your place in this ministry even more!

  • Your role may be engaging the content

    • Wouldn’t this simply make you a recipient of the ministry, not an active part?  While your edification is powerful, when you engage our content it does so much more!
      • It shows us our work is not in vain!  Even one view or listen encourages us to keep putting in the work.  You keep us motivated!
      • Your feedback gives us boosts in timely moments when we may feel discouraged; when you affirm our efforts, it counters the lies of the enemy.
    • This means when you simply engage our content, you hold a legitimate role in this ministry!
  • Your role may be to share the content

    • When you prayerfully share our content with others, you are scattering seeds in places we could never reach!
      • God becomes “made known” to people we may never meet, because you chose to give them a link
      • They may then make God known to people you may never meet, as they share it with their loved ones!
      • And of course, this spread brings further encouragement to our production efforts!
    • This means when you share our (you are included in that “our”) content, you hold a powerful role in this ministry!
  • Your role may be to financially support the content

    • God has invited us to take bold steps in turning our website into a global ministry, investing in a learning management system, and building out a Studio, while not currently charging for the content, and thus foregoing an income stream to cover the costs!
      • God uses your generosity to protect us from the enemy’s attempts to distract or disillusion us with “financial fear”, freeing us to invest more energy in Spirit-led creation.
      • God uses your generosity to open more opportunities for us, to reach more of the world with a higher level of excellence.
      • God uses your generosity to remove barriers and strongholds that would otherwise bar us.
    • This means when you give, it is not because we need your money, but because you clear the path and hold up our arms!  You hold a vital role in this ministry!
    • As a bonus, you end up being blessed by it!  Paul puts it this way in Philippians 4:17 (NLT), “I don’t say this because I want a gift from you. Rather, I want you to receive a reward for your kindness.”

All of these are roles that you can live out today, wherever you are, and with whatever you have to offer!  You are a part of this ministry, and God has designed this ministry to thrive when you are a part of it!

Would you be willing to prayerfully consider how God may be inviting you to the team?

  • Is your invitation to watch and listen, and be blessed along the way with encouragement and equipping?
  • Is your invitation to share with others, and be blessed along the way knowing you are impacting the lives of those you love?
  • Is your invitation to financially support the ministry, and be blessed along the way knowing you are demolishing strongholds like fear and practical barriers?

Or perhaps God is inviting you to fill multiple roles!  However you serve, we can’t adequately express our gratitude!

You are a part of this ministry; we can’t wait to discover what role you fill!


If you would like to sow financially into our production ministry, click here!

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