Paul Granger

YWAM City Lights
DTS: YWAM Kona / Hawaii, 2019

When asked what he does, Paul likes to say “ambassador of Christ”,  because he’s learned that this job supersedes any other he may hold.

One of the ways God has invited him to live out the call to “love God and love others” is through the “shepherding gift”: providing pastoral support, cultivating authentic and accessible space for conversation and community, and advocating for those who may go unseen.Functionally, he has spent the last two decades serving with various ministries, and now serves full time alongside YWAM Virginia as the Interim Campus Leader of YWAM City Lights, as well as with other entities, in loving his neighbors in authentic ways.  He’s a content-creator, whether it is his podcasts “Where did you see God?” and “What’s God Doing?“, books and blogs, or videos.

So far in his time with YWAM Virginia, he has taken on an array of projects: building out a Learning Management System and creating courses, overseeing a volunteer management system, honing our online ministry, helping compile “Games You Can Pray”, and so many more.  However, the core of what he does with YWAM is based on listening for the voice of God, and responding, no matter how crazy, impossible, or difficult it may be; without fail, the Holy Spirit has moved as a result!

He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and they see their home — which God gave them in a crazy way — as an important piece of how they love their neighbors as a lifestyle.