Seeds to crops

The blog below from 2019 is in response to this episode.

When God speaks to us, how do we respond?

Are we wholly resistant, not letting God’s word or calls penetrate us like the footpath?
Do we desire to be open, but just below the surface the resistance is strong, like the rocky soil?
Do we desire to hear God, but have our ears tuned more to the voices of the world and our selfishness, choking out our ability to respond to God like the thorny soil?

Or have we worked to make our lives ready to receive any and every word from God, no matter how hard; having done the hard work of turning the soil, removing the rocks, and nourishing it, we find — after a time — seeds turning into crops.

For a few reasons I’m reflecting on my crazy journey over the last year. I’m thinking of the times that I wanted to follow God, but only if it fit my expectations. I’m thinking of the times I wanted to trust God, but the voices around me and in my own head got me off track.

And in each of those times I responded by removing the rocks that had been revealed and by pulling up the thorns that had gotten tangled around me.  I realized the grace of a patient Farmer who didn’t expect my soil to be ready at the first seed drop, who has dropped seed season after season.

I am grateful that my soil was ready when I lost my job, when life took twenty twists and turns, when I sensed God calling me to risk it all and step into all-in missions.
I am grateful that there are some sprouts, that some plants are flowering.
I am grateful that the spots in the ground that look barren are actually holding growth just under the surface.

I don’t know what kind of seeds God has planted, but I am willing to trust whatever He throws at me.  I look forward to seeing what grows — and what spreads — no matter how long it takes.

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