When you’re stuck “in-between” // Questioning mini-series

Where Did You See God?
Where Did You See God?
When you're stuck "in-between" // Questioning mini-series

In episode 57 we’re joined by Megan and Sherika, who host “The In-Between Podcast.”  There podcast is based on the concept of “the in-between” and “the Saturday,” which represent that space between the crucifixion on Friday and the resurrection on Sunday.  Maybe you’ve experienced the Saturday yourself; you know God has done a big work in your life, but instead of the transformation you expected you are immersed in trial.
What do we do when we find ourselves in-between where we were and where we want to be?  How do we understand and trust God when it seems he’s abandoned us in a pit?  How can the Church grow in navigating these all-too-common spaces?
If you’re in a hard season, this episode is for you.
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The music in this episode is “You’ll walk, you’ll run” by Urban Doxology, from their amazing album “Bread for the Journey.”  Additional clips by Sarah Labriny
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