What’s God doing // Advent Worship

YWAM City Lights
YWAM City Lights
What’s God doing // Advent Worship

“One Family: What's God doing?” is a weekly podcast that discovers what God is doing through YWAM locations across Virginia, USA.

Episode 65:
Join Jesse Melo — who serves with YWAM City Lights — as he shares what God is doing through the gift of worship. Enjoy these advent songs, and consider what God might be speaking to you.

Silent Night
Isaias 9” by Rodolfo Abrantes (English lyrics below)

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Original composition of “One Family” by Dionysus D. (youtube.com/c/DionysusD)

Translated lyrics for “Isaias 9”:
A boy was born
How a son was given to us
He is God himself
And lives in me
Under your wings I hid
And His name is wonderful
Glory to the Prince of Peace
The sky begins to open
The whole earth bowed to you
Christ, King of Kings
Came to look for us
Take us in Your hands
Through the city gates
In the new Jerusalem
Your bride will enter

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