“The unemployment story” (or how God called me into foolishness)

Where Did You See God?
Where Did You See God?
"The unemployment story" (or how God called me into foolishness)

Underlying all of the previous 15 episodes has been the story of my unemployment, which I’ve only shared in snippets to this point. For the last couple months I’ve tried to sit and record; it took 4 attempts to finally get it out. Sharing it now brings trepidation, for many reasons, but I can’t shake the sense there is something God is trying to do in the telling. But do not be fooled: this is not the story of me getting a job.

This is the story of God working in ways I never expected, of Him calling me to things the world would call foolish, of my dying to self over and over, and of God showing just how in control, and wise, and loving He is. This is the story of how silly our stories are, and how incredible God’s are.

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The music in this episode is “You’ll walk, you’ll run” by Urban Doxology, from their amazing album “Bread for the Journey.”


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