Meeting God through loss & addiction

Where Did You See God?
Meeting God through loss & addiction

I couldn’t sleep one night, and at 1:30am I felt the nudge to email my friend Logan about sharing his story on the podcast. He happened to be up, and was immediately on board. Since I first heard his story by my fire pit — a story of God showing up through loss and addiction — I’ve felt strongly it’s a story people needed to hear. If you, or someone you know, are wrestling with addiction, and you live in the Richmond area, you are welcome to visit the “Hand In Hand” NA group that meets at 2906 Q street, Richmond, VA 23223.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: The group will now meet Wednesdays, instead of Monday’s, at 12:30.

Have a story? You can leave a brief message at (804) 372-3836, or

The music in this episode is “You’ll walk, you’ll run” by Urban Doxology, from their amazing album “Bread for the Journey.”

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