Meeting God in the midst of a struggling marriage

Where Did You See God?
Meeting God in the midst of a struggling marriage

In episode 26, we hear from Bobby and Brenda Vickers, who just celebrated their 40th anniversary.  There’s a lot of love between these two, but they get honest that there were many moments in their marriage that seemed hard and hopeless.
And it was through their marriage that they met God in powerful ways.  It was through their marriage — specifically those painful years — that God did abundantly more than they could have ever expected.
Whether you are married or single, there is a powerful message of the love God is calling us to in this episode; and if you are married, there is a challenge to get real with God about your experience.
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The music in this episode is “You’ll walk, you’ll run” by Urban Doxology, from their amazing album “Bread for the Journey.” 

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