Healing: “The upside of suffering”

Where Did You See God?
Where Did You See God?
Healing: "The upside of suffering"

In episode 63, we continue our series focused on “healing.” As powerful as miraculous healing stories are, I knew it was important to also capture stories of when healing didn’t happen; God must have known that too, because He made my podcast the first to pop up when Darci used a podcast matching site for guest spots. Darci Steiner, MS, is the author of Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering, and when she messaged me about sharing, I knew immediately that it was going to be a good episode, even while knowing very little about her.

She has experienced miraculous healing and the lack thereof, and has learned that she grew closer to God in both. In fact, one thing she shared after we recorded was this (paraphrased): “I still have hard days, and there are still things I wish I could do… but I know that I have been closest to God when I’m in the midst of suffering… as much as there are things I want to do, I don’t want to lose that.”

If you are suffering in any way, or if you’ve felt like God has refused to heal you, I really believe there is something in this episode for you. Also listen for the moment God shows off with a timely verse.

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