A Movement of God in Virginia Beach

Where Did You See God?
A Movement of God in Virginia Beach

In episode 21, we hear the stories of Chris and Fauger, two men who didn’t know each other, but who God brought together in an unexpected way, to engage a movement He began many years prior through dreams and prophetic words, connecting people from around the world; through a random RV, visions, and not one, but two statues of Neptune…

This week marks the official start of the Virginia Beach location of YWAM Virginia, and God has made it clear He has something in store.

As you listen, be in prayer for the family and friends of those lost during the mass shooting on 5/31/2019. If you are located in Virginia Beach, YWAM staff are making themselves available all week to pray for you at an outdoor prayer station (learn where at http://www.facebook.com/YWAMVB)

Learn more about YWAM, and how you can join in the movement, at YWAMVA.org

Have a story? You can leave a brief message at (804) 372-3836, or http://www.facebook.com/wheredidyouseeGod/

The music in this episode is “You’ll walk, you’ll run” by Urban Doxology, from their amazing album “Bread for the Journey.”

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