January 15-February 2, 2018

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What is the MCFC?

Learn how to develop, preserve & restore the lives of missionary workers

This University of the Nations three-week seminar (Course Number: CNH121) will train you to help missionaries…

  • Get started in their calling
  • Who are serving on the field
  • Go through life transitions
  • Who are in Crisis
  • Get refreshment
  • With logistics



Develop practical skills for giving member care. Practice member care skills in a safe environment. Discuss critical issues that arise in the process of the life of a missionary and in ministry teams. Gather resources and tools that will equip you to effectively minister to the whole person. Develop networks of relationships with others with similar passion for missions. Strengthen the missions movement. Obtain people care competencies for ministry. Identify specific member care needs in your location.

  • Missionary life cycles
  • The Seven support systems of missionary care
  • Team dynamics—healthy multicultural teams
  • Handling confrontation and managing conflict
  • Debriefing, exit interviews, & reentry
  • Using appraisals effectively Coaching missionaries in support raising
  • Caring for unique needs among mission teams —singles, families. MKs, older missionaries Develop a member care plan for your location


  • Member care or pastoral care givers
  • Leaders who want to strengthen their missionaries
  • People with a passion to care for God’s servants
  • Those who serve in training, personnel or outreach
  • Missionaries who want to build the resilience and effectiveness of their teams
  • People involved with mobile missionary care

Missionary care is about us being the messengers of the gospel who carry God’s shepherd heart in their relationships with one another, permeating our teams with the caring actions that makes our gospel message credible to the watching world. As such this foundational course looks widely at a missionary’s life and the interpersonal skills that promote unity and enhance effectiveness. Jesus has called us to lift up our eyes to the harvest. What we see today is not only millions who have not heard of him, but a world that needs more resilient missionaries who know how to handle the stress and challenges that await. This training looks into the Biblical principles and the various disciplines that strengthen the missionary teams as the mindset of care for one another permeates team life. Multiple cultures LEARNING FROM ONE ANOTHER HELPING ONE ANOTHER Whether one is a base or thematic leader, DTS staff, or any level of team leader, there is always the pressing question, “How can I better help my people to be all God wants them to be in this team or location?” The insights and skills provided in this course helps us help others throughout their missionary journey.

Real missionaries. Real ministry.