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What would it look like if God just came into your ordinary, everyday life?

Have you ever had these thoughts:

I have great moments with God in my quite times, but then I feel like I just go about my life. Why do these two parts of my life feel disconnected when I am supposed to follow God and hear His voice?

I have had many such thoughts ever sense I was a child. I loved God and was very passionate about Him, but I felt there was something missing. When I asked others what to do, they weren’t sure either.  Luckily God Himself cared enough about me and our relationship to send me to people who could teach me how to meet God in my everyday life.

At first, I didn’t know that God could speak to me in different ways. I also did not realize that God could directly teach me without a middleman. He can absolutely do both. Once I realized these things, it changed my whole perspective. I began to realize what being the bride of Christ meant. He did not just come to earth in the way He did and leave us the Helper (Holy Spirit) only to be like the little angel on our shoulder telling us what to do or not to do and argue with the little devil on our other shoulder. That is not being in relationship!

I began to realize that this God of everything, that formed me and knew everything about me (Psalm 139), knew how I best felt loved. Not only that but if I was the bride of Christ, and His love was perfect and full towards me, He would treat me accordingly. Could I treat Him the same way? He began to take the list of things I wanted to do with my perfect future husband and invite me to do them with Him. “You like picnics. Well, pack a lunch and your bible or something you love to do (reading or writing) and share this time with me. You want a writing partner and teacher; well okay, let me help you.” I began to see Him for the person He really is. If all of this was real, then why could I not just treat Him like He was right there beside me? I can talk to Him and ask Him all my endless questions. All of a sudden, I began living life with God in a way I never understood before! 

Do you have a hard time living like God is real in your everyday life, and not just in the words of your bible or in your prayer life? Maybe all you need to realize is that He is literally right with you in every moment. You can talk to Him about anything. If you have an imagination, picture Him walking with you, because it is real. Take what you know and have read about Him, and live like they are true now. Maybe you will start to realize, like I did, that it really is real.

You can ask his anything; He will answer in a way you will understand. That can look like Him reminding you He loves you by giving you heart shaped leaves in your path, or encouragement from a random person (both have been true for me). When tested with scripture, you can take peace in learning His voice.  Our Creator is always consistent and He says His sheep know his voice. (John 10:27)

God is already in your ordinary, everyday life… you just need to look and listen.  Take a moment to listen to Dustin’s refection of God interrupting his everyday life above.

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  1. Great reflection, EJ! It was such a powerful moment when I realized God was not just in my scripture reading and prayers, but throughout my everyday life! Your comment about the picnic reminded me of Dan Baughman’s story of throwing rocks with Jesus 🙂

  2. This is so encouraging and relatable! Most often I feel like we fail to explain in simple words (like these ones) what it is like to have a relationship with God in everyday life. Great Job Ej!

  3. I really enjoyed how practical and succinct this was. It’s so relatable but also very helpful. Thank you for being open and honest with us as you lead us to a closer relationship with God! Well done EJ!

  4. Thanks for writing about hearing God’s voice. Living by every word from the mouth of God is what we were made for. Learning to recognize and receive God’s voice changed my life.

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