Paul Granger





Paul's job is "ambassador of Christ"; anything else falls under that call. One of the ways God has invited him to live out the call to "love God and love others" is through creating authentic, accessible space for conversation and community, and advocating for those that may go unseen. This happens in part through content creation: podcasts like "Where did you see God?" and "What's God Doing", books like "A Journey through Revelation" and "God won't provide", and a mix of other projects. He also serves with East End Fellowship and YWAM City Lights, where he has taught in the DBS and helped build out the Learning Management System. He is a husband, father of three, and fan of a good fire pit.



God won’t provide: The lie we don’t believe we’re believing

"We don’t need money; we need God." In this course we wrestle with what it means for “God to be Provider”, why we struggle to accept a reality that is actually good news, and what we can do to begin to trust Him; it will challenge your perspectives and equip you to discern simple steps forward towards “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,” even when you don’t know how the bills will get paid.


The Ministry of Support Raising

The idea of "support raising" can be intimidating or unappealing; what if it is actually a robust ministry through which we can "love God and love others" in powerful ways? This course will challenge your foundation and give you practical steps to engage this ministry today!


A Journey through 1 Peter 2:1-12

Take part in a simple 5 lesson course through just the first 12 verses of 1 Peter 2, revealing more of who God is, who He has made us to be, and what that means for our lives.


Acts, the Epistles, and the Spirit

This course explores who we are called to be as a Church and the vital role of the Spirit by diving into Acts and the Epistles.


Podcasting for the Kingdom

Discover how to podcast with integrity for God's glory, in both practical and unconventional ways.


A Journey through 1 John

This short 5 lesson course explores the concepts of Love and the Spirit through a reading of 1 John.