God is holding our hand

This blog was chosen as a response to this podcast episode, as it demonstrates listening for God’s voice and responding; it was originally posted 8/2/2012.

It is possible to hear from God.

One morning I was praying. I was bringing all my concerns to God, all the stress points and worries. Then I asked Him if there was a Word He wanted to speak to me.

In my spirit, I heard, “Hold on to My hand. Walk with Me.” I saw a picture of me as a small boy around five years old, holding the hand of our Father God. He was leading me through some dangerous and dark areas. Then He leads me into a field full of light and hope.

We are the children of our Father, and He is holding our hand.

At the time, my daughter Michaella was three and a half years old. I was learning (and still learning) how to be a father. However, I knew that if I was walking with her either in the mall or through the field, it was best if I was holding her hand. Why? For several reasons:

1) She could trip. If I were holding her hand, I could pull her up so she wouldn’t fall on the rocky ground.

God wants us to hold His hand. It is an acknowledgment that we are safer in His hands.

We don’t always know how to proceed as we walk through life. We sometimes lose our footing and could fall. But if we are holding God’s hand, He can pull us up. We find security in the hand of our Father.

Our Father doesn’t promise us that we will not walk through rocky fields; but He will be there to help us guide the way. He will hold our hand.

There were also times when my daughter didn’t want me to hold her hand. She wanted to do it herself, even if I warned her several times that it was best that she would hold my hand through the rocky field. As a father, I can see what is about to happen. She could trip and lose her footing and then fall. She scraps her knee and/or her hand. She cries. Who does she cry out to? She cries out to her daddy. I then could pick her up and hug her. I would clean her wounds and then warn her that it is best to hold my hand in the rocky field.

Sometimes we insist on not holding the hand of our Father. He has warned us to stay near Him and to hold his hand, but we want to do it on our own. However, when we fall and cry out, He is quick to pick us up, comfort us, and clean our wounds.

2) She could get lost. In Asia, there are crowds of people everywhere you go. When we are in a mall, I want my daughter to hold my hand, so she doesn’t get lost.

Sometimes, as we walk throughout our lives, we can be distracted by all that is around us.

We don’t focus on our Father but focus on the movement of life around us.

Our Father wants us to hold His hand so we can stay focused on where He is taking us. He knows where we need to go. He knows how to get there.

I have seen my daughter not hold my hand in the mall and want to go ahead of me. I would call for her, but she wants to be upfront, leading the way. Then I would see her go off in the wrong direction, missing the place where we were heading. I had to call to her, but at times I had to run and get her and then guide her back to where we were going.

There are times we want to run ahead of our Father. And in most cases, we run in the wrong direction.

Even if we know where we are going, we don’t know how to get there. Our Father does.

Are you holding the hand of the Father? We are His children. He is our Protector. He is our Guide. He knows the way.

Let us hold the hand of the Father.

Read more from Dustin at www.dhcampbell.org/news–updates/archives/12-2012

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  1. Appreciate so much this reminder that we have been given access to speak to and hear from the creator of the universe. 🤯How humbling that He would choose to give us this gift. It’s a true game changer in our walk with Him. Thank you guys for sharing this!

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