The Tribal books

The Tribal books

What you will learn in this course

Outside Genesis, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Psalms are some of the most well known books of the Old Testament, and their stories and passages make their way even into the youngest Sunday school classes, like Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  We believe that these stories can inspire us to seek God in the battles we face today.

During “The Tribal books”, Roger Hershberger uses the stories of Israel conquering the Promised Land to reveal how we can live in victory today.  It also presses us to address the consequences of living in disobedience rather than faithfulness.  Ultimately, we are left realizing that God didn’t just have a plan for Israel, but for us today.

If you have battles in your life, you don’t want to miss this Course.

Before you begin, take time to pray; you can pray something like this:

Father God, help me to discover the richness within these books that reveal the victory around us.