The Ministry of Support Raising
2 Hr

The Ministry of Support Raising
2 Hr

What you will learn in this course

For those that feel they need to raise support, it is not uncommon to feel a range of emotions — fear, frustration, confusion, fatigue — as much is tied to our understanding of money and our hesitation to ask people for it.

What if raising support can actually be a ministry?

In this course, you will press into two key areas:

  1. Building a Foundation: 
    The reality is most of us tend to have unhealthy understandings of provision, God as Provider, and the generosity of others.  This session forces us to confront the existing foundations we have and either make necessary repairs or demolish and rebuild a spiritually healthy one.  By the end, we will understand that “support raising” isn’t about getting money — because we don’t need money, we need God — but is a ministry through which we can “love God and love others” in a beautiful way.

  2. Practical Preparation: 
    Once we have a spiritually healthy foundation for support raising, it can be difficult to know how to get started.  This session gives practical steps to help us prepare for and navigate inviting others to partner with us in the work God is doing.  You will understand principles of effective prayer, learn how to tell concise stories, and more.


This course is designed to be utilized in a group setting, but can be taken individually as well.  Consider how you can engage with others as you learn.

Before you begin, take time to pray; you can pray something like this:

Father God, help me to recognize any misperceptions or resistance I may have towards support raising, and equip me to engage it as a ministry to “love God and love others.”

For additional equipping, consider exploring the course “God won’t provide: The lie we don’t believe we are believing.”