Late Prophets

Late Prophets

What you will learn in this course

Sometimes our steps of disobedience lead us right out of the protection that existed for us; whether it’s a child running out of reach of their parents, or the Israelites turning from the God that was ready to be their All, our choices can set us up for disaster.  In “Early Prophets” we explore the prophets, and some of their hardest messages were to those rejecting God’s protection and landing in exile.

In “Late Prophets Week”, Sophie Song reveals that even outside God’s protection, He remains faithful and promises a future restoration.  The stories we will explore of God’s sovereignty and the faithfulness of the resilient followers will set an example for how we can live in the midst of brokenness today.

This week will be both challenging and restorative.

Before you begin, take time to pray; you can pray something like this:

Father God, help me to discover the richness within these books that set the foundation for Scripture.