Inner Healing Seminar (English)
9 Hr

Inner Healing Seminar (English)
9 Hr

What you will learn in this course

Spiritual Leadership Seminar: led by Pastor Marcos Barges affectionately known as Coty. (Pronounced Cot-chee)

Who is Marcos Barges (Coty)?

Pastor Coty has served in missions for more than thirty years, he is a pastor, missionary, speaker and writer with more than eight books in Portuguese three of which have been translated into English, He has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people in Brazil, and we’re bringing his powerful seminar to Richmond, Virginia.
His books include:

  1. Intelligent Shepherding: The Model of Spiritual Counseling for Deliverance
  2. The New Wineskin Revival: A practical guide for healing and deliverance of the family
  3. The Hidden Face of Love: Unmasking the Spirit of Sensuality

What’s the purpose of the seminar?

In this generation, many people have left the faith because they lacked proper discipleship through their struggles in a post-Christian society.

The job of most discipleship focused pastors consists of “putting out fires” and managing members and disciples’ crises. They are “shepherd firefighters”. They’re not leading people, they’re managing crises. This process is exhausting and does not create real spiritual growth in the long term, tending only to comfort people in their spiritual and emotional confusion. The crisis cycle is never broken, and the church becomes increasingly superficial.

Coty created the Intelligent Leading Seminar, to equip Christian leaders who desire to lead with intelligence and effectiveness. The seminar is a practical tool for pastors, teachers, missionaries, intercessors, and other mature believers who are leading ministries in the church or who desire to lead. The seminar is in Portuguese with English interpretation.

Before you begin, take time to pray; you can pray something like this:

Father God, deepen my understanding of spiritual leadership.