Adopt a Course!

What if you could have a global impact while learning from incredible instructors? During the Beta Phase of YWAM Virginia Learn! our primary goal was to get the content out to the world; to do so, we created courses with minimal content beyond the video lessons.  Our goal, however, is ultimately to offer clear descriptions […]


Impact the world this Christmas When we set out to transform, we didn’t want to simply make a new website, we wanted to create an authentic ministry.  Afterall, 85% of Americans spend time online everyday, with the average American spending nearly 7 hours each day on the internet.  Those statistics are similar in other […]

Sensitivity to God Join Dustin Campbell — who provides leadership for YWAM Lynchburg– as he shares how we can develop our sensitivity to God, growing in our ability to find Him in any circumstance. If you wish to listen only, use this link to listen to the What’s God Doing Podcast with Paul Granger.

Join Fit to Serve Online Courses Hey it’s Coach Powers here. In February of this year I had the opportunity to record over 60 of the most important lessons the Holy Spirit gave me over the years regarding the topic of physical fitness. As you might be aware, during this season of my life I’m less mobile geographically as I […]

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Welcome to City Lights

City Lights with Chris

Are you a YWAM Alumni?  Now is the time to participate in global missions from your home.  Let’s work together to reach with world one family at a time.

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YWAM Celebrates the Life of Loren Cunningham

Loren & Dar Cunningham

The Lord finally called Loren Cunningham home after a life full of pioneering global missions in every nation on the world.   You can watch the full Celebration of Life livestream from Kona Hawaii at   Here in YWAM Virginia we have many staff who have interacted with Loren and Dar through the years. […]

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A Bíblia em Cada Casa

As Guta handed the crying stranger a Bible, she knew something powerful was happening. On December 19, 2013, Guta entered the city gym in Caldas Novas, Brazil, and found herself surrounded by 1000 YWAM volunteers from all over Brazil.  They were there for an ambitious reason: they planned to spread throughout the city and provide a […]

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Though it linger, wait for it

Rebecca and her 2012 DTS class at YWAM Paisley Rebecca arrived at the YWAM Paisley Scotland campus ready to experience God.  It was 2012, and she was young, single, and unaware of what her life would look like; she also knew she was going to hear from a God who loves and knows her. Those months were transformational, […]

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Courage in telling our stories

I nervously drummed a pen against the table as I scanned the library for my Afghan students. Class was supposed to begin at 9:30; it was already 9:43 and I had reserved our study room for only an hour.  Working among different cultures has helped me realize their ‘time’ and our ‘time’ may operate differently, […]

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The Power of Hospitality

Jesse had no idea that the rhythmic knocking on his door would lead to one of the most powerful spiritual moments of his life. For the last seven years, Jesse has been serving with YWAM Richmond, living in the neighborhood, investing in local outreaches, and now serving on the Leadership Team. He knows that his […]