Transformed into the likeness of Christ

Have you ever wondered why Jesus said on the Cross, “it is finished”, yet Paul said in his Epistle to the Philippians, “work out your salvation in fear and trembling?”
A simple theology of the Cross will answer this question.


Sometimes God calls us to serve Him ways that go longer than we expected, and we find our strength and desire quickly running out. What do we do when we feel out of fuel, but God invites us to keep flying?

Things are Going to Get Better

When hardship hits, we can be afraid of what is ahead; fortunately, things are going to get better because we are more valuable to God than a flock of sparrows.

The thankless job of teaching

Many of my teachers friends are exhaling a long breath for the first time in 9 months. Most people don’t realize how much they do for their students, and the best of teachers can feel the stink of a “thankless job”. However, many persevere, and there’s a spiritual truth we can learn in the midst.

This is YOUR ministry!

Did you know our video production ministry is your ministry too? Your role could be as simple as a click, or as powerful as a gift, and whatever it is, we are truly grateful, because YOU are what makes this ministry thrive!

Costly love

It’s hard to love when it costs so much; it’s even harder when our efforts seem unfruitful, or worse, are rejected or resisted. Nonetheless, Scripture calls us to Love; how do we do it when it can be so difficult?

Childlike faith

It can be easy for us to think only adults can understand spiritual things; how might Jesus’s invitation for the children to come to him challenge that belief?

Are you really “all-in” for Jesus?

What does it really mean to be “all-in” for Jesus? The disciples were convinced they were, and yet the denied and ran when the moment to give it all arrived. If those that literally walked with Jesus struggled, is there hope for us? Jesus says “yes.”

Whoever has ears

When Jesus said “whoever has ears to hear, let him hear”, he said it to crowds who were literally hearing him; what if he was inviting them — and us — to a deeper level of hearing, one that we can’t even accomplish on our own?

Unexpected Love

Do you deserve Jesus’s love? Are you doing enough to earn it? What if this mindset misses the true nature of Jesus’s love for us, which exists even in our worst moments?

Walking by the Spirit

Scripture calls us to “walk by the Spirit”, but what does that mean? Why is it so hard? And why is it so common for Christians to walk by something else?

“I have had enough, Lord!”

The are many who have been strong in trial, only to find the trial enduring. So they keep being strong. And keep being strong. And keep being strong… until one day the find the strength waning, and the trial not. How do we keep going when we have nothing left to give? Elijah’s story shows a way.