What counts as ministry?

Do only certain ways of serving count as “ministry”, or could God be more creative? We believe God has uniquely gifted and positioned you to minister to others… even if it’s the ones ministering to you!

When storms come your way

When storms approach your life, how do you respond? For EJ, scripture reminds us that when we want to flee in fear, He can remind us that He’s always near.

Speaking Truth through relationship

It can be easy for us to go through our day as just a routine, or even with fatigue or frustration; what if God is inviting us to break from that to see the relationships around us, so that He can speak Truth through us?

Why should we function in teams?

Many of us loving serving others and doing projects as part of a team; in fact, YWAM Foundation Value #10 is “Function in teams”! This isn’t just a good idea, it’s actually how God designed us.

God loves beautiful things

When EJ and her team were praying and worshipping, they had no idea that God was about to do something unexpectedly beautiful.

When God moves your heart…

Has God ever moved in your heart for a person or place? You may not have expected it or feel prepared, but if you’re willing, God can move in an amazing way!

Witnessing Heaven

Have you ever witnessed someone give their life to the Lord? EJ shares the first time she did, and how it was one of the most exciting experiences of her life.

Holding Things Loosely

Sometimes serving God can feel exhausting; what if the problem isn’t God, but our understanding of how to serve Him? What if “holding things loosely” can be more freeing than we realize?

What the Bible says about your diet

You need food for survival… but what if God intended more? This week, EJ explores the role of food in scripture, and Coach Powers tells us how we can achieve realistic nutrition.

Who is this God?

In order to understand something, it is helpful to know it’s origin. This week, EJ invites us to explore what we know about God, and Russell Joyner explores the foundation of scripture.

Seeking God as a Family

This blog is inspired by the most recent episode of What’s God Doing!     Proverbs 22:6 says Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.   Growing up, my family always had morning and evening devotions together. My sister and I […]