Sitting in Suffering: To hell and back (Series Finale)

In episode 164 — the series finale — we address what is the quintessence of suffering, hell, through an unexpected conversation. For nearly 17 years, my wife Becca Granger has been navigating something that is difficult — if not impossible — to share, yet arguably one of the heftier experiences of suffering we’ve explored this season. […]

Sitting in Suffering: Take this cup

In episode 163, we do something different. I felt like God was inviting me to have one more guest before the finale, and I had several exciting options in mind. Then, every single one said no. I was left with a sense there was one more episode, but no clue who to invite. Then, on the […]

Sitting in Suffering: Engaging AS community

In episode 162, Blaine Lay helps us process how — amidst suffering — we’re not just invited to engage with community, but engage AS community. Scripture invites us to step in to the hardships around us as a Body, and through God’s wisdom and power we can see Him do amazing things. But how do we […]

Sitting in Suffering: Blessed with disability

In episode 161, Colleen Faul hits us early with a phrase that would catch many off-guard: “blessed with special needs.” When she describes her daughter’s journey with Infantile Spasms and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, she is aware many would see Gracie’s life as unfortunate; yet God has shown her and her family how He is doing abundantly […]

Sitting in Suffering: Called WITH Bipolar

In episode 160, Susan Johnson invites us to confront how we understand Bipolar Disorder and other mental health conditions. As we’ve explored in several episodes, mental health conditions are frequently stigmatized, misunderstood, and seen as disqualifying. What if, though, God is calling us to serve Him not INSPITE of our struggles, but WITH them in mind? […]

Sitting in Suffering: One in the midst

In episode 159, Marti and Louis Williams share how not even near-death experiences could keep them from being “one” in the midst. Hardships have a tendency to isolate us, but the reality is that God has created us to be in relationship with one and with others; while isolation can weaken us, oneness can bring us […]

Sitting in Suffering: Ministry in the midst

In episode 158,Dan Coe shares how a season of suffering seemed to strip them of a thriving ministry… until they discovered a new ministry in the midst. We’ve heard often this season of folks who held traditional jobs, experienced suffering, and landed in a new ministry after; but what if you’re already IN a ministry, […]

Sitting in Suffering: Trust

In episode 157,Donna Tashjian shares a story that helps us confront our struggle with trust. After all, it’s hard to trust when others have hurt you, or not shown up when you needed them; and it’s hard to trust God when He didn’t protect you from the hardship. When Donna was 14, someone close to […]

Sitting in Suffering: Finding meaning

In episode 156,Beth Thorp helps us know what it means to find meaning in the midst of our suffering. Her family was thrust into hardship when a mystery illness struck her son Mitchell and upended their lives. Their thoughts became filled with questions — for doctors, for God — that too often went unanswered. Yet […]

Sitting in Suffering: Starting over again

In episode 155,Coach Jonathan McLernon invites us to embrace starting over again as an opportunity. Starting over can feel daunting and unjust, and so many of us have found ourselves there despite our best efforts. Jonathan takes us on a journey through an attempted murder, to a pursuit of weight-loss, to a costly betrayal, and […]