Authentically seeking

In episode 177, AmiLynne Carroll invites us to consider how we are seeking God. How do we know if we are authentically seeking Him? How do we seek when questions go unanswered and hardship intensifies? AmiLynne pressed into this when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given 6 weeks to live; it […]

Evangelism = Love?

In episode 176, Audrey Dutton invites us to consider what evangelism actually is. When she identified as an atheist, she encountered many forms of it, but it was the authentic love of two friends that truly softened her heart to the good news, and prepared her for an unexpected encounter with God in the mountains. […]

Intentionally molded

In episode 175, Morgan McCarver helps us navigate those seasons when we ask God, “why did you make me this way?” Today Morgan is known as a fantastic potter, but that was not the plans she had for herself; when a diagnosis of scoliosis and a resulting surgery took dance off the table, she wrestled […]

Hidden trauma

In episode 174, Michele Okimura invites us to consider the impact of hidden trauma. There are moments in our lives when our thoughts and actions don't match — or even oppose — who we aspire to be, and when we realize it we can feel confusion and shame. “How could I have done that?!” What […]

Coincidence, or God?

In episode 173, Jack Maher's story leads us to consider when the simple, the random, and the coincidences may actually be the God of the universe communicating to us. After the sudden loss of his wife, Jack encountered God in unexpected ways, and found himself in deeper relationship than ever before. In what simple or […]

What comes after “all in”?

In episode 172, Dub Karriker helps us explore the reality that we can be authentically “all in” for Jesus, and then… not. Through his story, we explore the journey aspect of a relationship with Christ that extends beyond the initial “yes”, and how we can learn what it really means to be “all in” for […]

Ministry in lament

In episode 171, Andrea Herzer invites us to discover the ministry in the midst of lament. When hardship hit, it can be easy to spiral in emotion, and miss the blessing healthy lament can bring. What if God wants to do something beyond us in that space? What if He is actually equipping us to […]

Space for doubt

In episode 170, Nic shares the importance of creating space for doubt. “Doubt” has a stigma on it in the church; yet if “the wisdom of God is foolishness to man”, it shouldn't be surprising that we wrestle with understanding. Unfortunately, that stigma can lead to shame and rejection rather than love and presence. After […]

All-in disciple

In episode 169, Aaron challenges us to confront our understanding of what it means to be “all-in” with discipleship; we may think we are committed, but what if we aren't? And if we aren't “all-in” for Jesus, how can we get there? Pulling from his experiences in combat, Aaron has learned what it means to […]

A city on a hill

In episode 168, Ty-Shaun-Dra Davis invites us into her step of obedience: allowing God to make her a city on a hill that can't be hidden. She isn't one to pursue the spotlight, yet over and over God has invited her to come out of the shadows and “let her light shine.” She's come to […]

More than prayer

In episode 167, Dr. Leoma Gilley pulls from her decades of experience with Wycliffe Bible Translators and ministry in the Sudan to press us into our understanding of the Word and prayer. More, she invites us to consider that it's perhaps not about the “how”, but the “Who”; when we recognize that relationship with God […]

Sharing amidst hardship

In episode 166, Miriam Washington accepts God's invitation to share her story, but it was not easy. Health issues, hospital stays, and even a mic refusing to connect became obstacles to what she sensed God saying: “share of your faith amidst disability and chronic illness.” Throughout her life, Miriam has known hardship, yet she's known […]