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Isn’t it amazing in how creative God is?

I want to tell you a story about me. Growing up in my family culture, you might say our way of worship was a bit old fashioned, but it is what I knew and loved, and it was worship. When I started hearing more modern Christian radio music, some of it I loved but others I didn’t. I mainly did not like rap and rock music. To me that was not worship. It was unpleasant. What was the point when you could not understand what they were saying? If you wanted to tell people about who God is, don’t you at least want them to understand what you are saying? This was my old way of seeing things. Pretty narrow right?

Fortunately, God changed my mind. During a discipleship school, God sent me to Puerto Rico. At worship times I loved the Spanish language, but I understand little. To be honest, it was hard to pay attention or to feel like I was worshiping. In the midst, God put me in the midst of one of our hardest outreach days where I learned that none of what is going on around you matters. Even if no one else in the room is worshiping, you can worship literally anywhere. This was my first real step into knowing what true worship really is.

My second step was my School of Worship. Now, I guess a school of worship is the right place to learn about worship, right? No surprise there (Hehe.) But seriously, I really saw worship like I never have before. I learned that it is not at all about how you feel or how you express it, but where your heart is.  This truth led to a mind-blowing revelation  There’s a story told about this guy that was asked a question and I think it went something like this…

 “Do you think there is rap in heaven?” The man said “yes, it is the way my people express their worship.”

I know it might seem silly to you or even obvious, but it put a lot of things into perspective for me. There are many expressions of worship, not one or two. There is literally a unique way to express it in each of us.  This reality opened my heart to embrace other forms of worship that I had not liked before.

I was challenged to watch other people as they worshipped. It is one of my favorite things to do now because it helps me worship God as creative in how He made and loves those worshippers. Worship is not just between you and God; it is also for the Body of Christ.  We can get excited together, like fans at a concert or football game, and worship as One. The more you love Him and get excited about Him it rubs off on those around you. It grows and grows. In fact, the next time you worship, I challenge you to open your eyes and see how God moves others to worship, and then worship with them.

God created all peoples, all cultures, and all nations. In each of these He created a unique way to worship and express our love and gratitude. We can learn from each other and add new appreciation of who God is. How beautiful we are together as one bride bringing Kingdom culture here on earth as it is in Heaven!

For an example of worship, watch Jesse engage in multi-language worship in the video above!  Thank you Jessie for sharing your worship with us!

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