Advent replay!

There is so much to process in the season of Advent; could we be missing more than we realize?

If you’re like me, it can be easy for the Advent and Christmas seasons to pass like a blur; life gets busy, travel is time-consuming, and January hits so quick you wonder where December went.

I’m learning it is important to create intentional space to be present in these moments.  Learning to pause to reflect, pray, or sit with scripture can help us to experience Christ’s presence amidst to all the distractions.

Yet even at our best, it is possible we are missing the depth of what Christ’s arrival meant for the world, because by default we process it from our own bubble.

Our upbringing, our life experiences, our culture, and our traditions are all valuable, but represent a small expression of the breadth of humanity.  If I only explore Christ from my limited vantage point, I may only see one side of him.

This is one of the blessings of serving alongside YWAMers from around the world.  Whether Brazil, South Africa, or various other countries, this community has given us access to upbringings, life experiences, cultures, and traditions that deepen our understanding of Christ.  By exploring Christ together, we come to know him more fully.

We were designed to engage God as a community — as “one family” — and even the classic nativity story demonstrates this.  Jesus was not alone, but met by Mary and Joseph as a couple, or wise man as a small group, or a crowd of shepherds; bodies of people — with varying upbringings, life experiences, cultures, and traditions — journeyed together to discover Christ.

As you seek to discover Jesus yourself, do not do so alone; journey with others, and encounter Jesus more deeply than ever before!

As a start, check out the video above, which captures a moment our team explored Advent together in three languages!

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