Adopt a Course!

What if you could have a global impact while learning from incredible instructors?

During the Beta Phase of YWAM Virginia Learn! our primary goal was to get the content out to the world; to do so, we created courses with minimal content beyond the video lessons.  Our goal, however, is ultimately to offer clear descriptions and guidance and quality quizzes and follow-up.

This takes time; in fact, with 28 courses and counting, amounting to 170+ hours of content, it is too much time for our limited staff.

This is where you come in.


You can Adopt a Course!

That’s right: we are looking for people like you to claim a course and help raise it to something amazing!

Here’s what it looks like when you Adopt a Course:

  • You’ll begin by joining our Beta Team for FREE here.
  • Take a moment to pray to invite the Spirit on this journey, and throughout the process.
  • Check out the courses, see what which one hasn’t been adopted, and claim one!
  • Commit to completing the course entirely; as you do so, take note on issues, typos, and ideas.
  • Also take note of copy to build out the course, like “Lesson descriptions”, “Key Verses”, and “Calls to Action”
  • For each lesson, come up with 3-5 quiz questions with answers
  • Share your feedback on this simple form after each lesson.
  • If you enjoyed the experience, repeat with another!

By doing this, you will be having a real, long-term global impact!  These courses are already being explore by individuals in nations around the world, and you have a chance to enhance their experience!

Courses are limited, so join our “Adopt a Course” team and claim your favorite before it’s gone!


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