Making the most impact is a hands-on experience.

IMPACT Construction Teams iconIMPACT Teams are short-term missions teams serving in the area of construction, work with children, prayer ministry, and more. Not only is the work they do with their hands important, but a significant contribution is made in building the kingdom of God through relationships, prayer, and encouragement.

The primary focus and project site for outreaches for Impact Teams for 2009 is the YWAM training base in Pichilemu, Chile. On a broader scale, the ministry is committed to serve missions projects in all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries .

Since the beginning of Impact Teams Virginia in the mid 80’s, teams have served in six locations in Chile and in the countries of Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Honduras.

Impact Teams provide short-term opportunities to church groups from one to two weeks and individuals for up to three months. On a given outreach, there is flexibility and opportunity for such ministries as soaking prayer, working with children, running medical and dental clinics and teaching English in schools.


Real students. Real learning.

Check out what our foreign language students have to say about YWAM ELC.


“…learning English was fun and not difficult with my ELC teachers and friends in Virginia. I also learned many things that I couldn’t learn in my own country. ELC was one of the most important seasons in my life, and my ELC friends were unforgettable. I loved this school…”

– Lin Emanuel, 24, South Korea