-Coach Tim Powers


Human Performance Instructor Seminar

Human Performance Instructor

July 5, 2016 – July 16, 2016

Is God calling you to train athletes on an elite level? Join us for two weeks of intense training with Coach Powers. With successful completion of this University of the Nations Seminar each participant will have the opportunity to test for certification with the three following creditials: PSDI, AEIC, and Personal Safety.The two week seminar costs $950 including
* Certifications
* Group housing
* Organic/natural meals that include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
* Opportunity to teach & train youth at U-Turn Sports Academy
* Student materials that include training manual and personal safety
training equipment.
The Athletic Performance Enhancement Instructor Certification is a two (2) week, eighty (80) hour academic and hands-on seminar/camp that trains the individual in “how to” train and condition athletes at all levels in increasing their physical ability to perform the skill mechanics of their respective sport and unique player position. It is understood that this is an advanced course that builds upon foundational training and experience such as personal training, physical education and sport coaching.This course provides product knowledge and practical application in the following topic areas:
• Reviewing the concepts of physical fitness.
• Understanding bioenergetics and biomechanics.
• Performance and kinesiological movement analysis.
• Dynamic, ballistic and static flexibility.
• Functional athletic strength.
• Explosive power development.
• Linear/lateral speed.
• Sport speed development.
• Quickness reaction/response.
• Footwork and body movement patterns.
• Agility and directional movements.
• Sports nutrition and supplementation.


Real athletes. Real training.

Learn to be the best physical fitness instructor by training athletes.

“When I’m working out I say, ‘Lord, this set is for You. I want to give glory to You with every exercise I do.'”

-Josh Aruchut, HPI

“The cool thing about YWAM is that it gives you the opportunity to operate in your specific callings and things God has for you.”

-Chris Bulliard, HPI