The biggest journey starts with one small step – this one.

Discipleship Training School

The first step in the journey is our Discipleship Training School (DTS). DTS is a five month short term mission experience. DTS begins with a 12 week training here in Richmond and is followed by 8-12 weeks of international mission work.


English Language + Culture School (ELC)

ELC’s goal is to develop your ability to communicate in English, cultivate a deeper relationship with God, and encorage positive interaction with people of other cultures.


Human Performance Instructor + Personal Trainer Certification

Certified through the University of the Nations, the PT seminar includes the biblical foundation, philosophies and blessings that are associated with the development and on-going maintenance of moderate to high level physical fitness. The HPI trains the individual in “how to” train athletes at all levels in increasing their physical ability to perform the skill mechanics of their respective sport and unique player position.


“I never dreamed that I would have friends from so many countries.”
– Jesse Melo, Brazil