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Josiah from YWAMva on Vimeo.

Dec 10 Baptism in the James River


The sky was gray and overcast, the sun making little effort to be seen through the heavy clouds. A slight breeze blew, shaking the heavy limbs of the trees and making the few remaining leaves quiver. Ducks floated by, allowing the quick moving current of the James River to carry them downstream. It was not the kind of day that most people would choose to spend in the park, and certainly not the kind that would prompt them to wade into the frigid waters of the James. But on this READ MORE

Apr 1 - May 16
The Counseling and Prayer seminar is focused on equipping those
throughout the body of Christ to combine the two areas of biblical
counseling and prayer.
Apr 1 - Apr 2
Come volunteer full time with us and Learn English at the same time. Contact for more information