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    Wondering what God has in store for you?

    Discover your calling Youth with a Mission/University of the Nations Virginia

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    Learn to Speak Up & to Speak Out

    12 weeks of Full Immersion English as a Second Language

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    Do you want to Passionately Follow God & Champion Young People?

    Then join us for Urban Youth Ministry in Historic Richmond Virginia

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    Ready to give your life for missions?

    Train like never before in our Sports & Fitness DTS

Josiah from YWAMva on Vimeo.

Sep 1 AT DTS: An Inexperienced Hiker’s Unexpected Journey

AT, Appalachian trail, thru-hike, ywam, dts, dts outreach




by Mason Leonardy

“I want you to take a walk with me.” That was what I heard.

That is what He told me.


I had just completed my second year of a Bachelor of Music degree at an up-and-coming Jazz Conservatory in California. I was four years into a promising career at a high-volume food company that promised me management and six-figures after another few years of training and experience. READ MORE

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